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 perfect match

Demo Company: finding my perfect match

 A few weeks ago I found myself in a situation where I needed a service provider in a pretty narrow market niche. I needed a demolition company.

I googled demolition vero beach and demolition services vero beach and vero debris removal and junk out vero beach.

I came up with several companies and called them all.

Here’s what I needed done: I needed a hotel knocked down.

Yes, it’s true. I own a small beachfront hotel. It has gotten old and tired and I decided I wanted to knock it down and rebuild the site with a bed and breakfast with a couple of detached cottages.

So I called around to the companies I found in my search. I asked them if they did that—actually demolished buildings and did debris removal.

The main one I found that did both was called Vero Debris Removal 844 JunkOut. The name is a bit of a misnomer because they do a lot more than just remove debris. They come in with a wrecking ball, if you want, and totally level buildings. Then they put all the debris into a big dumpster and haul it away.

They do smaller-scale debris removal also. They do junk outs—the jobs where they’ll go into a foreclosed home or an abandoned building and take out every last thing that’s inside the house or building. Doesn’t matter if its furniture or appliances or mounds of trash or piles of treasure, they’ll take it all away, no questions asked.

They most often do that in foreclosed or abandoned homes—places that the bank has taken over because people stayed as long as they could without paying the mortgage or the rent and then they just up and bailed in the middle of the night.

So anyway a guy from the company came out to my hotel and looked it all over, said they could do it, gave me a price, and scheduled the job.

They came on the scheduled day but they didn’t start right in with swinging the wrecking ball. They took two days to first go through the hotel and take everything out.

It had gotten to the point where I just didn’t want to deal with anything that was in the hotel. I just wanted it leveled and every trace of it removed so that I could start fresh from the ground up.

I stopped by a couple of times on the first day they were there, and it was pretty interesting seeing their process. They actually saved quite a bit: the bathtubs, sinks, base cabinets, toilet bases and tank, fireproof doors, furniture, TVs, mini fridges, beds, dressers, and curtains.

They loaded it all carefully onto a flatbed truck and took it away. It took them several loads, of course. They told me that they clean all that stuff up and then sell it and make a pretty decent profit on it.

So anyway it was interesting to see the first part of the demolition process.

More in the next blog.

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