like a lot

Could this potentially go farther?

like a lot


I’ve had some conversations recently with several different people on the topic of life openings that occur randomly and without warning. Another word for openings could be possibilities or opportunities.

Recently I’ve experienced several of these.

A friend introduced me to someone, and this person has become a new friend. I’ve known him for maybe six weeks. As it turns out, he has a skill set that complements mine, and we may be able to do some work together.

Randomly, he asked me if I knew anyone who did eBay.

He has a 1000-square-foot garage full of quality items that needs to be either eBayed or put on Craig’s list or somehow sold through those kinds of channels. He’s never done that himself. He hired someone once to do that but she ended up not shipping things that had sold and she also ended up keeping some of his stuff for herself.

So that woman was a bust. I told him I’ve done eBay for over ten years, I have a store, and I’ve done eBay for other people on a commission basis. So that was a no-brainer right there . . . I’m going to help him get rid of his stuff and reclaim his garage, and he’s thrilled. And it will be a small source of income for me, and that’s not a bad thing.

He lives alone in a 2000-square-foot house. I have to move from where I’m currently renting. He offered me his place as a stopgap measure until I find another place of my own. That takes the pressure off of trying to find a place now, come up with first month and deposit, and all of that. Me moving there will also force him to get it cleaned up, and that’s a good thing for him.

This series of opportunities would not have happened if my friend hadn’t introduced me to his friend. The first friend was providing the live music at a restaurant. His friend wanted to go watch him but didn’t want to sit alone. I got asked to come out and just hang with the second guy so that he didn’t have to sit there by himself.

I wasn’t doing anything that night, so I said, Sure, why not. It wasn’t a date. It was just keeping someone company at a table in a public place. I felt no pressure or sense of expectation. It didn’t matter to me if the person liked me or not—I didn’t expect to ever see him again.

So when we hit it off, it was a pleasant surprise. We decided to go see our mutual friend perform at a different venue the next night, and we kept talking there.

We have hit a few snags already. We both have stuff from past relationships that has impacted us.

So who knows where this relationship will go, but the point is that life serves up opportunities and possibilities when least expected. And if we’re in a clearing for receiving, anything can happen.

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